Hybrid VRF system

The Hybrid VRF is a two-pipe VRF zoning system designed to use water instead of refrigerant in indoor spaces. The Hybrid VRF system exchanges heat between refrigerant and water using Mitsubishi Electric’s hybrid branch circuit controller (HBC). The HBC enables Hybrid VRF to provide heat recovery for simultaneous heating and cooling while keeping indoor piping refrigerant-free and reducing the system’s overall refrigerant charge. Hybrid VRF is compatible with City Multi N-Generation outdoor units and L-Generation water-source units facilitating a uniform installation approach. Hybrid VRF can be tailored to fit various applications with specific zoning requirements, such as hotels, offices, hospitals, multi-family, schools, dorms and senior living facilities. Each designated indoor unit can be individually controlled by local remote controllers to provide better overall occupant comfort for individual settings.