Uponor participated in the Axel Springer Award 2023 in Berlin on 17 October 2023. The event brought together top executives from different industries for an evening of celebration.

The Axel Springer Award is an annual event that brings together visionary thinkers and top-level decision-makers from various industries. This year’s event was a melting pot of ideas, innovation and inspiration, where executives from Microsoft, Audi, SAP and many more converged to discuss how technological developments can change our everyday lives, education systems, and the way we exchange information.

This year's Axel Springer Award was given to Satya Nadella for his outstanding achievements as the CEO of Microsoft. Through his visionary leadership and groundbreaking strategic decisions, Nadella has successfully modernized and transformed Microsoft—towards a stronger focus on cloud computing and artificial intelligence—making him the pioneer of the tech industry. A high level of innovation and his commitment to a diverse and open corporate culture also characterize his pioneering spirit.

Uponor was honored to take part in this event, in which Uponor’s CEO, Michael Rauterkus had the opportunity to take part in a Round Table Talk about AI with the award recipient Satya Nadella together with other top executives.

"Participating in the Axel Springer Award event was significant for Uponor, as it aligns with our aim to form value networks and partnerships bringing together diverse perspectives to advance innovation and sustainability in our field. It was a great pleasure to discuss the challenges and opportunities of AI in this forum.  I was especially keen to inquire about Nadella's perspectives on ‘smart homes’ linking to how Uponor by moving water intelligently offers integrated heating and cooling solutions that minimise the use of energy and water in buildings. This is especially important since the construction industry is responsible for almost 40% of global emissions,” Rauterkus said. “At the same time, the construction industry lags far behind in terms of digitalization and we need to seize every opportunity to learn from other industries. There is a tremendous potential to use digital technologies to improve the sustainable performance of buildings reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.”

At the event, Uponor showcased one of its latest booth designs, setting the focus on sustainability and innovation. The focus was not merely on showcasing products; it's about emphasizing Uponor’s profound commitment to the vital topic of water and how it supports the greater purpose behind Uponor's mission. This was reflected by the booth’s modern and sustainable materials while the water show transported the clear message of Uponor’s mission to redefine the role of water in sustainable construction.

'Moving Water', for Uponor, goes beyond a mere phrase. It serves as a testament to the company's deep-rooted commitment to creating an impact in the building industry. 

Although Uponor’s pipes are often hidden from sight, they play a pivotal role in our daily lives, safeguarding delivery of safe water, intelligent heating and cooling keeping people in their comfort zone, saving energy and money, thereby enabling sustainable affordable housing. 

Link to the Round Table Talk with Satya Nadella, Hildegard Wortmann, Christian Klein, Mario Federico, Martin Daut, Markus Essing and Michael Rauterkus discussing the challenges and opportunities of preparing businesses for an era of AI that is innovative, responsible, and focused on humanity, can be found here: