Heat pump water heater sizing tool

Intellihot’s telliSize is a six-dimension simulation software tool for correctly sizing heat pump water heaters. telliSize uses real-world data and advanced mathematical models to simulate performance over 365 days to provide guaranteed sizing for plumbing engineers and architects. Three different sizing options are provided to meet varying needs: an option with the least upfront cost, one with the lowest operational expenses, and one that balances both. Users select their property type and input their zip code, fixture count and desired outlet temperature online at telliSize. Then, the calculator uses real-world data from similar properties and runs an advanced dynamic mathematical model on cloud computers using parallel computing technology. The users are emailed configuration options within three business days. Intellihot is so confident in its telliSize tool that it even offers a guarantee — if any of the selections fail to meet the user’s hot water demand, Intellihot will supply additional equipment at no extra cost.