Aliaxis SA, an innovative fluid management solutions provider, announced its registration in Hydro-Québec’s Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Pilot Project with the intention of obtaining ECOLOGO RECs in order to cover 100% renewable electricity consumption for all its sites located in Quebec for the year 2023. This is an important step in Aliaxis sustainability commitment to use 100% renewable electricity in all its manufacturing operations by 2025.

The renewable energy certificates offered by Hydro-Québec originate fully from wind farms located in the province of Quebec. The certificates also verify that the electricity used at Aliaxis Quebec sites will come from 100% renewable sources, meaning that they do not emit any Green House Gas (GHG) emissions associated with power generation. As part of our commitment to the Hydro-Quebec pilot program, we have pledged to undertake Energy Efficiency projects at our plants and to join Demand Response programs to reduce electricity use during peak hours to produce the range of IPEX products, our leading brand in North America.

“We’ve put sustainability at the heart of our Growth with Purpose strategy to tackle both the climate and water crises," said Eric Olsen, CEO of Aliaxis. "We must act now to cut carbon emissions. Our four production facilities in Quebec are the first manufacturing plants in our North American fleet that will meet 100% renewable electricity status. Aliaxis joining Hydro-Québec’s Renewable Energy Certificates pilot project is a great step in our overall sustainability commitment to use 100% renewable electricity in all manufacturing operations, a key enabler to reach our global target of reducing CO2 emissions by 75% per tonne of production by 2025.”