The TrilliumSeries Adiabatic Cooler is ideal for HVAC applications that demand a combination of energy efficiency and limited water use, including data centers, health care facilities and hotels. This cooler can operate at a high dry switch point and offers up to 20% energy savings versus alternatives in the marketplace, thanks to its smart water management system comprised of high-efficiency pre-cooler pads, a dual pump recirculating system and intelligent controls, the company says. High-efficiency pre-cooler pads are specially developed with a unique anti-stick, anti-algae growth, and UV resistant coating to extend the life of the pads and deliver maximum heat rejection. In addition, this new product contains a dual pump recirculating system to ensure code compliance with ASHRAE Standard189.1, which forbids the use of once-through systems, and that water is re-used rather than sent directly to drain. Intuitive, intelligent controls continuously optimize operation based on real-time weather and load conditions.