Munters will build an all-new site in the USA to house its desiccant dehumidification products and services for the North American market. The 400,000 square-foot flagship facility will be located in Amesbury, Massachusetts. The site will be home to the Munters workforce in Amesbury.

Market demand for the precise temperature and humidity control that desiccant dehumidification technology provides has grown considerably, driven by the expansive electrification and digitalization trends. This state-of-the-art, build-to-suit facility will significantly increase capacity, offer improved workflows and provide a more inviting and comfortable environment for employees. Also key to this development will be providing even higher levels of customer service and satisfaction in Munters’ target markets, including lithium-ion battery production, food processing and more.

The new facility will house fabrication, assembly, rotor production, a new R&D lab, as well as a service training academy. In line with Munters’ sustainability goals, investments will be made in equipment that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, and renewable energy sources will be used for the building’s electrical consumption. The plan is to be fully operational at the new site during 2024.

“Munters is again making important investments in our global footprint, and in our growing markets. Our dedication to providing outstanding customer experiences with our core dehumidification products, solutions and services in the Americas region is clear,” says Henrik Teiwik, group vice president and president of Business Area AirTech. “This new facility will have reduced carbon dioxide emissions, increased energy efficiency, and a significant share of renewable electricity for our operations, supporting Munters’ journey toward a sustainable world.”

Global Property Developers Corp. will be the developer for the new Munters facility. Economic development incentive dialog is underway with the City of Amesbury and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“Munters has been part of the Amesbury community for 60 years. Our business has flourished here, and we continue to grow. We’re the largest employer in the community, and many of our employees live in Amesbury or the surrounding area, so being able to bring the entire workforce to our new site – plus expand it – is absolutely fantastic! We’re looking forward to continuing our solid relationships with the City and Global Property Developers,” says Andrew Cook, senior vice president, Americas, AirTech.