The Hydraulic Institute (HI), an association of pump manufacturers in North America, announced its Circulator Savings Calculator as a free tool for users to estimate energy savings and financial payback from efficient circulator pump selection. This calculator adds to the portfolio of tools, resources and programs developed by HI to promote the use of more efficient pumps. The calculator utilizes data from HI’s public Energy Rating database,, in order to provide the most up-to-date savings calculations based on currently listed circulator models.

The Circulator Energy Savings Calculator estimates the energy savings for specific circulator pumps and domestic hot water recirculation pumps. Users have two options to calculate savings, with information from an HI Energy Rating Label or by entering size and control types. Users are also able to use defaults or customize aspects of the calculator, including operation hours to give the most accurate estimates.

Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Applications are also included for this calculator. The calculator provides savings from improved circulator pump efficiency as well as water heating savings from the use of run hour controls.

The HI Energy Rating database is available to the public to search for energy-efficient commercial, industrial pumps and circulator pumps that are within the scope described in HI 40.5-Program Guideline for HI Energy Rating Program and HI 41.5-2022 Program Guideline for Circulator Pump Energy Rating Program. The Energy Rating Label is designed to indicate the relative power making it a valuable tool for utility incentive programs aimed at reducing energy use in commercial, industrial and residential pumping. For the Hydraulic Institute’s complete Energy Rating Program, training, certification programs and standards, please visit