Age: 38
Company: Platsky Co.
Title: Outside Sales and Account Manager

How long have you been in the PHCP-PVF industry?
16 years.  

What drew you into the industry?
I was attending Nassau Community College at the time and I didn’t have the slightest idea what I wanted to do in life. My best friend’s father had said to me, “Tom, why don’t you go work for my brother at his plumbing company until you figure out what you want to do.” Sixteen years later, I’m still there.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working in the industry?
The most rewarding aspect of working in this industry is the friendships I have made along the way. Being in outside sales, you get to meet and befriend many different people from all walks of life.

What is one thing you wish more people knew/understood about the PHCP-PVF industry?
There are many misconceptions about the glamour and financial opportunities within this industry, but you can definitely make a great living.

What has been your proudest moment in your career so far?
My proudest moment in my career so far has to be my self-growth. I started in my company at an entry level warehouse position. I worked my way over to inside sales and now managing larger accounts. It has been a long journey with a lot of hard work.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
I have two beautiful children, Austin (5) and Riley (2). I am also an avid golfer who tries to get out on the course whenever I can.

Why he was chosen as a Next Gen All Star Top 20 Under 40 winner:
"Tom is from a generation known for wanting without working for it. Fortunately for Platsky Co., he does not fall into that stereotype. Tom’s success is fully attributed to the hard work and dedication he has put in. He started the old school way with absolutely no family connection to the industry. Tom took a job working in the warehouse and then moved to the yard where he picked cast iron orders. Tom’s work ethic was hard to ignore. He had a thirst to learn more and we moved him in to the office as a customer service representative. Tom used that time to learn the products we represented and became a value-add to our customers. When an opening for an outside sales position became available at Platsky, we immediately knew this was a chance to allow Tom to grow further. Just like every other role he held within the company, Tom took the opportunity seriously and he worked to become the best he could be. Tom earned the respect of his customers by being honest, reliable and educated. It also helped that he has a naturally infectious personality. While still under 40, Tom has become an invaluable member of the Platsky sales team. He is a team player in every sense of the word. Tom is a mentor to our newer sales team members, a friend to his customers, and like family to us. He was given nothing and he earned everything,” says Gregory Aranoff, senior vice president, Platsky Co.