Age: 29
Company: REHAU
Title: Technical team leader

How long have you been in the PHCP-PVF industry?
I have been in the PHCP-PVF industry since I joined the REHAU Building Solutions’ engineering team four and a half years ago.

What drew you into the industry?
From a young age, I knew I wanted to be an engineer. I loved taking things apart and understanding how they work. Throughout my high school and college education, this curiosity only grew as I worked hands-on with concept feasibility by testing prototypes for power tools. I realized my curiosity for how things work would be well suited for a product development role. Construction has always interested me as well, so when an opportunity for product development in the construction industry arose, it was a perfect fit.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working in the industry?
I enjoy thinking creatively and collaborating with our internal REHAU teams, as well as customer and industry partners in the product development process. I place a high priority on maintaining good relationships with those I work with. There is a lot of open-endedness throughout the product development process, so we find ways to view projects from new perspectives together. Visiting jobsites, problem-solving with end users in real-time and then seeing how products are put into action is very rewarding.

What is one thing you wish more people knew/understood about the PHCP-PVF industry?
Most people don’t think about their plumbing systems on a daily basis, but there is a significant amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into developing the products that help these systems operate successfully and help others live comfortably. The people in our industry are creative thinkers and problem solvers. To develop the best solutions we look at challenges from various perspectives, brainstorm lots of different ideas and determine which one yields the best result. This takes time and the ability to pivot frequently from one idea to another.

What has been the proudest moment in your career so far?
Leading the engineering internship program for the past two years has been my proudest moment so far. This has allowed me to gain experience managing others while helping develop the next generation of engineers. REHAU has a top-notch internship program and I appreciate the trust and confidence my supervisor has shown by asking me to lead for the engineering group. It’s fulfilling to mentor upcoming engineers and I look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the future.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
I collect and build LEGO cars. Including a Mercedes Formula One car. I also attend car shows.

Why he was chosen as a Next Gen All Star Top 20 Under 40 winner:
“At REHAU, Colin works closely with both the manufacturing plants and sales teams, placing a high priority on maintaining a good relationship with both sides. His colleagues recognize him as an effective collaborator and a creative thinker with the ability to view projects from new perspectives. His supervisor says, ‘He makes my life easy, by working independently and always being on top of his tasks and projects.’

“The more hands-on experience Colin has with manufacturing processes, the better his product designs get. He is also intrigued by patents, which is not true of many engineers, and he has honed the skill of designing around existing patents to not only protect REHAU from infringements but also to position the company for securing patents.

“Colin has lead the company’s engineering summer internship program for the past two years. His supervisor says that this role is a great fit for him because ‘He has an energy and enjoyment of teaching and developing young engineers,’” says Suzanne Martin, senior communication and marketing manager, REHAU.