Brown and Caldwell announced a pay increase for its 1,800 employee-owners in reward for sustained financial performance. The company is making an investment in its workforce with a 5% base salary increase for all employees as it celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Since its 1947 founding, the environmental engineering and construction firm has maintained a strong commitment to having a positive impact on the communities and clients they serve in addition to their people. This includes talent investment, engagement and development as described by Chief People Officer Bob Chapman.

“What sets us apart is our flexibility to decide how we reinvest in ourselves and continue to make Brown and Caldwell the place where the brightest minds choose to work — and stay,” he said. “We are excited to share our success as we celebrate our 75th year. Our longevity and success reflect the talent and dedication of every one of our employee-owners, who passionately deliver the most complex water-related and environmental projects to improve communities.”

In addition to the base salary increases, the firm continues to invest in its people through leadership and technical development programs, stock ownership options, continuing education and enhanced technology.