AquaMotion’s AHR Expo award-winning hot water recirculation system delivers instant hot water comfort to every faucet/shower from a hot water tank in a 250’ system, the company states. The kit easily installs under the sink in 10 minutes without cutting pipe, AquaMotion adds. The system features a stainless pump with legs, has a built-in timer, sensor, switch and 10’ line cord. It also features automatic or timer-selected operation, on/off 85° to105° F, and includes two stainless hoses, tees, checks and union fittings. AquaMotion notes annual pump operating costs about $4 and saves 12,000 gallons and utility costs. The system meets California Title 24. For tankless water heaters, use AMH3K-R up to 600’. AquaMotion.