PTI, a division of HSM, has developed InnoShield, a premium engineered foam pipe insulation with an innovative outer coating. The new product provides performance in outdoor HVAC and plumbing applications that are prone to extreme temperatures, moisture and sunlight. The coating also provides maximum cut and tear resistance, making it less prone to damage during installation.

InnoShield is rated for usage in temperatures ranging from -297º to 220º F, and also features UV protection and low water vapor permeability which allows contractors and homeowners to save on additional vapor barriers, according to Michael Simmons, president of HSM diversified products and services division.

“Joining InnoTough and InnoFoam as our top-tier pipe insulation product offering, InnoShield is the most durable option and expands our ability to service a wider range of outdoor HVAC and plumbing projects,” he continued. “Each HVAC and plumbing installation comes with its own unique requirements and budget, and with this launch, we now can offer our customers a three-tier solution for pipe insulation with a wide range of pricing and attributes for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. It is a game changer for the industry.”

In addition to its suitability for outdoor environments and superior durability, PTI’s entire foam pipe insulation product line meets ASTM E-84 standards which measures the insulation’s ability to withstand fire and smoke. InnoShield meets these standards up to ¾-inch wall thickness, InnoTough up to one-inch wall thickness and the base-line product, InnoFoam meets the standard up to 1 ½-inch wall thickness.

“Our products have consistently met these standards, which we believe serves as testament to safety of our products,” Simmons added. “This will be critical to our customers in California where some building codes now require a rating of ASTM E-84 of up to 1 ½-inch wall thickness.”

InnoShield will make its debut at the annual AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida this February. PTI’s booth is located in space 9209.

In addition to pipe insulation, PTI is a producer of OEM engineered foam packaging material, technical engineered polyolefin profile extrusions and pool toys.

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