The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials recently completed Technical Committee meetings toward the adoption of ISO 30500 as an American National Standard and National Standard of Canada. The standard is being developed in accordance with IAPMO’s accredited procedures for standards development.

The ISO 30500 standard specifies general safety and performance requirements for design and testing, as well as sustainability considerations for non-sewered sanitation systems. An NSSS, for the purposes of this document, is a prefabricated integrated treatment unit comprising frontend (toilet facility) and backend (treatment facility) components. It is applicable to sanitation systems that are either manufactured as one package or manufactured as a set of prefabricated elements designed to be assembled in one location without further fabrication or modification that influences the system function.

In accordance with IAPMO’s American National Standards Institute and Standards Council of Canada accredited standards development processes, the CAN/ANSI/IAPMO 30500 is available for public review to seek input from stakeholders. Interested stakeholders may submit a public comment by visiting the IAPMO website at The deadline for submitting comments is Friday, Aug. 31.