Bosh Thermotechnology adds three new products to it’s air-conditioning portfolio with the new Inverter Ducted Package unit as well as second-generation upgrades to the Inverter Ducted Split 2.0 and Minisplit 2.0. The Inverter Ducted Package unit air-source heat pump has a seasonal energy efficiency rating of up to 19, and a heating seasonal performance factor of 8.5. The Inverter Ducted Split 2.0 air-source heat pump has a SEER rating of up to 20.5 and offers a full Energy-Star-compliant product range. The accompanying air handler includes an ECM x13 blower with two-stage fan control. The Bosch Minisplit 2.0 has a hyper heat system that allows the unit to maintain its efficiency in temperatures as cold as -22° F.

Bosch Thermotechnology.