You may or may not be aware of the situation that Ryan Seacrest found himself in at Kris Jenner’s house. Specifically, the Live co-host pulled a "clog and run" at the home of Kris Jenner. To help make sure this never happens again, American Standard sent Ryan and Kris its Champion toilets and SpaLet Bidet Seats — set to arrive ASAP.

Below is a copy of the letter sent to Seacrest and Jenner, accompanied by the above image of the toilets and seats. The products were given as a gift and in no way imply an endorsement, American Standard noted.

The letter reads:

Dear Ryan and Kris,

We heard about the stressful situation that Ryan was in on Wednesday’s episode of Live. That really stinks!

Don’t sweat it, Ryan. We’ve all been there. In fact, we’ve been in the toilet business for more than 150 years and have seen it all. No one should have to deal with a clogged toilet. That’s what led our awesome team to create a toilet that puts an end to those uncomfortable moments.

As such, we created the Champion, a virtually clog-free, high-efficiency toilet with superior flushing performance — capable of flushing more than a dozen golf balls at one time. Feel free to check it out for yourself on our YouTube channel (

And Kris, toilets shouldn’t be complicated to figure out. We’re sending each of you a Champion toilet, along with our Advanced Clean 3.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat to help ensure that fresh feeling (and cut down on toilet paper!) once you’re done doing your ‘biz.’ With an intuitive remote, your guests will have no questions about how to operate this smart toilet seat. They’re in transit and are slated to arrive at the addresses noted above.

We don’t want either of you to have to deal with something like this again.

We’ve got your back (and front) side!

Kelly Kasper
Brand Communications
American Standard