Joining system for small diameter carbon steel pipe from Victaulic

The QuickVic SD System joining technology is designed for use on carbon steel HVAC systems sized 2 inches and down. The Victaulic QuickVic SD System is the most economical and efficient pipe joining solution for small diameter commercial and industrial HVAC applications. The product line offers a significant total installed cost savings when compared to current pipe materials and installation methods used, including copper press or sweat and carbon steel press or thread.



Micro CHP cogeneration product from Lochinvar

Lochinvar teamed with EC POWER, a European producer of residential and commercial combined heat and power products, to launch the XRGI25, a cogeneration system. Using an internal combustion natural gas engine, Micro CHP is designed to be an efficient and easy-to-install system intended for light commercial use. Using natural gas as a fuel, a commercial facility with a cogeneration system like the XRGI25 can produce both energy-efficient heat for domestic hot water and electricity to reduce energy consumption from external power sources.


Hybrid commercial water heating system from Rinnai

Rinnai’s Demand Duo 2 Hybrid water heating system combines the hybrid technology of the Demand Duo product family with the redundancy and performance of its commercial rack systems. The system features a 119-gallon storage tank along with two CU199 Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters with freestanding rack that work together to offer the best benefits of both tank and tankless technology. The 119-gallon storage tank offers built-in redundancy and storage for high spike draws – eliminating the need to purchase multiple tank water heaters.



Hybrid electric commercial water heater from Rheem

The ENERGY STAR rated Hybrid Commercial Water Heater drastically reduces water and energy usage, while delivering hot water faster than most standard electric water heaters. Dry-fire protected and low-lead compliant, this Hybrid from Rheem is easy to install and can readily replace a standard unit.

Additionally, the Hybrid Commercial Water Heater can connect to Rheem’s exclusive EcoNet WiFi-connected platform for ultimate convenience. Once connected, the water heater gives end-users complete control through customizable temperature settings, vacation mode and the ability to monitor the system from anywhere in the world.



Digital water tempering system from Watts

DigiTemp is a domestic hot water main mixing station for commercial and institutional facilities that controls and monitors the water recirculation loop. It provides precisely controlled water temperature regulation within ± 2°F to ASSE 1017, even during low and zero demand periods. When paired with a PVI water heater, DigiTemp creates a safe system that helps maintain the appropriate water temperature you select for your facility. It delivers consistent hot water on demand wherever and whenever it is needed, in accordance with building codes. It also supports energy conservation through more efficient water temperature management – and in turn reduces energy costs for greater savings.