Jacuzzi Luxury Bath’s two new bathtub designs facilitate deck-mount faucet installations. The only thing that differentiates the two from each other is their shape – oval for Amalia and rectangular for Adatto.

They offer a deck wide enough to accommodate most tub fillers. In addition, the baths allow enough room to maneuver within the bath wall to install a filler on the deck. This deck-mount capability makes a freestanding bath more economically feasible for many, by reducing the cost of the bathtub filler required. Furthermore, additional space is not required around the bathtub to allow for a floor-mount filler.

Both baths measure 67”L x 34”W x 24”H and feature large bathing wells accented by white, color-matched integral overflow and toe-tap drains. They are constructed from high-gloss acrylic that is reinforced with a proprietary fiberglass/resin formula to ensure a long-lasting quality surface.

Jacuzzi. jacuzziluxurybath.com.