Rinnai Corp. continues to increase the number of smart home devices that integrate with its products. Besides the introduction of Amazon Alexa integration with its tankless water heaters, the company has added Google Home support.

This allows users to control their tankless unit’s temperature as well as recirculation. Simply say, “OK Google, tell Rinnai to set temperature to 120 degrees” or “OK Google, tell Rinnai I need hot water.” Controlling a unit’s temperature for comfort and convenience is the newest voice-enabled feature available for Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


40 Second Control-R 2.0 Demo Video:

The enhanced Control-R 2.0 module with smart home integration features more than 20 available voice commands to activate the recirculation system or select a favorite temperature. 


Mobile app settings

In addition to smart home technology, the Control-R 2.0 mobile app has built-in timers and schedules allowing for multiple on/off recirculation periods throughout the day. Schedules stored locally on the Control-R module operate with or without a constant Wi-Fi connection. The app also allows users to remotely put the system into vacation mode when they are away or activate the system on demand without a schedule.   

The Control-R Wi-Fi Module attaches easily to the Rinnai tankless water heater by a two-wire interface quickly connecting through the local Wi-Fi network.

“At Rinnai, we have a continued commitment to product innovation in the category. We have more smart home device additions on the horizon as we strive to be fully integrated across the many device options available to homeowners to help run their households,” said Mark Buss, vice president of marketing for Rinnai.