The Plastics Pipe Institute has created the Polypropylene Pressure Pipe Steering Committee within its Building and Construction Division. The new committee will entirely focus on PP-R and PP-RCT pressure and their modified crystallinity and temperature resistance.

Both types of pipes are approved for potable hot and cold water plumbing systems, hydronic heating and cooling systems and other applications. PP-R and PP-RCT pipe is available in metric sizes ranging from 16 to 355 millimeters and IPS schedule 80 sizes ranging from 1/2 to 6 inches. The minimum hydrostatic pressure ratings are 160 psi at 73° F and 100 psi at 180° for plumbing applications. Although, pipes with different dimension ratios can have higher or lower pressure ratings, as needed by the customer.

The formation of the new committee reflects the rapid growth and continuing acceptance of polypropylene pressure pipe in the North American market.

“PPI has been a strong advocate and technical resource for many types of plastic pipe systems since its formation in 1950, including new materials as they develop,” PPI President Tony Radoszewski said. “While not new in Europe, polypropylene pressure pipes are relatively new in North America, and PPI can serve members by helping to grow this market in a technically correct and responsible manner. Pipe producers see the value in this industry collaboration. In fact, the number of polypropylene producer members at PPI has tripled since this Steering Committee was initiated in late 2017.”