Oakland, Calif.-based AB&I Foundry, a manufacturer of cast-iron pipe and fittings, has joined the Rev Net Business Sustainability Group, which is part of the flagship Sustainability Circle program.

The program will help AB&I in the adoption of the best possible sustainability practices that include behavioral changes in a proven peer-learning model, the company notes. It is intended to accelerate business impact and also will help enhance existing initiatives the company already has embarked upon while identifying new ways to reduce and recycle byproducts in manufacturing processes,” AB&I adds.

“The takeaway from being part of this group will be for us to create a five-year sustainability action plan where key initiatives are identified, ultimately driving efficiencies all while fostering a ‘green’ culture within the company,” said Mike Olvera, AB&I Foundry’s environmental and sustainability manager. “AB&I is environmentally conscious and is a giant recycler – our products are made from 100% post-consumer scrap metal and they’re recyclable at the end of their service life.”