Viega announces the schedule for the second half of its 2016 training programs at the Viega Educational Facility located in Nashua, N.H. The programs aim to bring plumbing and heating professionals up to speed with the latest technologies in the industry.

Some of the major programs offered include press technology courses for carbon steel, copper and stainless steel, which demonstrate through practical examples and hands-on instruction the advantages of press pipe-joining technology over traditional methods and press systems’ ability to increase installation efficiency and decrease downtime.

Other training programs include: Radiant Week, LoopCAD, NFPA 13D Fire Sprinkler, Snow and Ice Melting, Geothermal and Solar, Radiant Piping and Controls, Radiant Design and Software, Commercial Radiant Heating and Cooling, Radiant and Hydronics Troubleshooting, Radiant Systems, Manual J and Hydronics 101.

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