Addison’s PR-Series is a highly efficient, packaged rooftop heating and air-conditioning system that offers design flexibility with a wide selection of factory options, as well as the ability to accept custom options for specific job requirements. Available in 3 to 70 tons, this unit can be used for treatment of 100% outside air and recirculating applications. The cooling system’s source-side abilities include air- source cooling-only, air-source heat pump and boiler/cooling tower or geothermal water-source heat pump. With multiple cabinet sizes, it also features direct-drive supply and exhaust fans, final filters not mounted in the roof curb, horizontal supply and exhaust options, and 2” R13 cabinet insulation. Factory-installed options include supplemental heating, dehumidification, ventilation, corrosion protection, electrical and refrigeration control. Addison. pme1014GreenScene_Addison_300.jpg