Solar Thermal Appliance

Wagner & Co.’s line of SECUSOL systems is designed as standalone appliances for domestic hot water preparation. Backed by an electrical heating element, the appliances can be used to immediately retrofit existing DHW heaters. Installation time for a typical SECUSOL, including collector mounting, is reduced to four to six hours. SECUSOL is a non-pressurized hybrid drainback appliance. The drainback design allows for the solar loop fluid to drain directly back into the heat exchange coil, thus eliminating the need for a separate drainback tank to be installed..


Mop sink cabinet

Advance Tabco’s 9-OPC-84 mop sink cabinet is part of the company’s extensive line of mop and service sinks. The 18-gauge stainless-steel enclosure is 84” high, is made with two ventilated louver-hinged doors and includes the mop sink, a fixed shelf and mop holder inside the cabinet. The unit also is offered as a “cabinet only” model (minus the mop sink).


Chilled beams

SEMCO’s IQHC series of active chilled beams provides high-efficiency cooling and heating specifically designed for the loads of North American commercial building applications at hospitals, office buildings and schools. The IQHC offers one of the industry’s highest capacities, but features up to a 25% to 50% reduction in pump and fan horsepower respectively vs. conventional chilled water loop or rooftop forced-air HVAC system methods.


Boilers And Water Heaters

Bradford White’s Brute Series line of gas-fired boilers and volume water heaters features boilers for both residential and commercial applications. These include the chimney-vented Brute Mini with 50-225 MBTU/hr. inputs; the condensing and modulating Brute Elite with 80-850 MBTU/hr. inputs; the 95% efficient wall-mounted Brute Elite 125 with 125 MBTU/hr. input in heating or heating/DHW combi models; the condensing Brute Elite 1000 and 1700 with modulating 1,000 and 1,700 MBTU/hr. inputs and 10:1 turndown; the economical Brute Deluxe with 200-2,000 MBTU/hr. inputs; the Copper Brute II with multistage 500-2,000 MBTU/hr. inputs; and the Brute Magnum with 1,200-2,400 MBTU/hr. inputs.


Small urinal line

Sloan’s commercial fixture line features a small urinal series, including two high-efficiency universal models, all of which are ideal for saving space in tight areas. These washdown urinals provide commercial facilities with more options to suit their new construction and renovation requirements. The models are a notable addition to Sloan’s lineup, allowing specifiers to select one vitreous china fixture to work with flush valves operating at 0.125, 0.25 or 0.5 gpf instead of purchasing separate models for those flush volumes.


Green Circulator

This Armstrong Fluid Technology circulator features Design Envelope technology. The COMPASS circulator features easy selection, fast installation and extremely broad performance capabilities for application to a wide variety of installations. The new circulator also helps reduce energy consumption and operating costs. In auto mode, the circulator adjusts operating speed to match HVAC demand at any given moment. Over time, the circulator also learns a system’s patterns of demand and appropriately adjusts output to further reduce energy usage.


Tankless Tempering Systems

Bradley’s Keltech tankless tempering systems deliver instantaneous ANSI-required tepid water to emergency safety showers and eye/face washes. These tankless water heaters are designed to supply tepid water at a second’s notice – even in the most extreme and challenging work environments. Installation of these units is easy since only one electrical connection and a cold-water line are needed, saving labor time and additional costs. All models are precision-engineered with materials such as copper tubing and robust brass castings.


Plumbing App

Charlotte Pipe’s Tech Tools is an app for mobile devices that provides simple on-the-go tools for the plumbing industry. The first tools are an expansion and contraction calculator and a temperature de-rating calculator. The expansion and contraction calculator provides general direction in expansion loop, offset or change-of-direction design to account for the effects of expansion and contraction in both PVC and CPVC systems.


Grinder System

Liberty Pumps’  ProVore 680 duplex system is powered by two 1-hp grinder pumps and features Liberty’s patented V-Slice cutter technology. This proven design easily shreds difficult solids such as feminine products, rags and other unwanted debris. Operating on 115 or 230 volts, the system can be plugged into standard 20-amp home circuitry, making installation easy. The compact system only is 24” tall and ships complete with an alternating pump control unit.


Tankless Water Heater

Noritz America’s NCC1991 condensing tankless water heater delivers a thermal efficiency of 94% with an input range of 16,000 to 199,900 Btu. This enables the unit to meet the hot water needs of larger residential applications, as well as a wide variety of commercial projects. Using a special Quick Connect cable, two NCC199-DV units can be coupled to provide an input of nearly 400,000 Btu with a turndown ratio of more than 36:1. This makes the NCC1991 ideal for applications where hot water demand can substantially vary over the course of a day or throughout the year.


Hydronic Heat Pump

WaterFurnace’s 5 Series 502W12 high-temperature hydronic heat pump is capable of 150° F water output and makes upgrading to a WaterFurnace geothermal system easy, particularly when the replacement system must work with existing cast-iron or baseboard radiators. In a building with a radiant floor heating system, the unit’s higher water temperature means the 502W12 can be installed between joists under the floor, removing the need to alter existing flooring.


Energy recovery wheel option

Daikin Applied’s Rebel is the first 3- to 12-ton rooftop/heat pump unit incorporating variable-refrigerant flow-inverter scroll compressors and is the first AHRI-certified, VAV, air-to-air heat pump. Rebel includes hybrid (gas, electric, hot water) heat options, variable-speed direct-drive ECM motors on all fans and electronic expansion valves. All compressors, fans and supplemental heaters have modulating capacity control. Rebel is ideal for 100% dedicated outdoor air applications and can incorporate an optional factory-installed energy recovery wheel.