bee valve body


Bee Valve’s quick coupling connectors are available in flow sizes 1/4” and 1/2” in three high-performance materials. Connectors are available with internal shutoff valves or straight-through configurations. The 40AC Series connectors offer 1/4” flow capacity and are manufactured in a high-performance natural white acetal material resistant to most chemicals. The 40CB Series 1/4” flow connectors are manufactured in brass and chrome- plated. The 40AC and 40CB couplings interconnect with each other and are compatible with other 1/4˝ flow, metal latch and spring connectors. The 50AC Series connectors offer 1/4 ˝ flow capacity and feature an easy-to-use plastic thumb latch. The 65GP Series connectors offer 1/2” flow capacity and are manufactured from high-performance glass-filled, pure white polypropylene.