saniflo body


 The SANICUBIC 1 is the newest addition to the Saniflo line of heavy-duty packaged grinder systems. It is a pre-assembled simplex grinder designed to handle the wastewater and sewage streams from multiple plumbing fixtures in residential and commercial applications (both new construction and renovation). A smaller version of the SANICUBIC 2 duplex grinder system, SANICUBIC 1 is capable of pumping up to 50 gpm from toilets, sinks, tubs and showers, dishwashers and washing machines. Featuring a 1-hp motor and a fast-rotating stainless-steel cutting blade, the SANICUBIC 1 minimizes the possibility of clogs by quickly reducing solids in the wastewater streams to a slurry that can be pumped up to 36’ vertically or 328’ horizontally through a 1.5” rigid pipe. With these capabilities, the SANICUBIC 1 is ideal for applications in which the septic tank or sewer line is located either above or at some distance from the structure or where gravity flow is not sufficient to move the waste.