Nearly two million people live in the Las Vegas metro area and about 37 million visitors flock to this desert city each year.
With that number of people living in and traveling to Las Vegas, it definitely puts a strain on the water supply. The city’s annual rainfall is only 4 1/2 in. per year and experts have predicted that Lake Mead, its main water source, could be tapped out by 2021.
In order to sustain a thriving city in the middle of the desert, water savings will inevitably come into play. However, to run and maintain an efficient government building, additional considerations, such as reliability and cost savings must remain at the forefront.
When Las Vegas’ Lloyd D. George U.S. Federal Building and Courthouse decided to replace its underperforming flush valves and faucets, building officials understood they would not only have to find products that offered long-term value, but also significant water savings. With this in mind, Aleut Facilities Support Services Project Manager Jess Fonseca turned to Moen Commercial.
“The existing products were failing. The valves were open and the fixtures were using excess amounts of water, parts and maintenance time,” he notes. With courtrooms and judicial chambers for the U.S. Magistrate Court, plus offices for the Clerk of Court, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Attorney and two U.S. senators, Fonseca was careful to select new products that would help this important building run effectively and efficiently.
Fonseca and his team installed Moen M•Power sensor-operated faucets and M•Power sensor-operated flush valve retrofit kits to replace the building’s existing faucets and flush valves.
Since a unique motion sensor starts and stops the water flow of the M•Power faucets, they automatically reduce the daily gallons used at the 12-year-old facility. This leads to lower sewage bills, limits hot water consumption, saves energy and prevents the risk of accidental overflow.
Similar sensor-operated technology also improved the flush valves in the federal building. Moen M•Power flush valve retrofit kits converted the facility’s existing flush valves to more reliable, efficient models with advanced electronics to limit false sensing and over-flushing. The products also utilize self-cleaning piston technology that requires little or no maintenance and includes a filter system that effectively eliminates clogs and run-ons.
Perhaps most importantly to Fonseca’s team, the new faucets and flush valves offer a five-year limited warranty to protect against leaks, drips and finish defects.
“The warranty was a major factor in our product decision. Reliability and durability are extremely important,” he says. “Thus far, we are satisfied with the performance.”

Kristin Meyers is responsible for leading the commercialization efforts for new product launches and execution of all brand-building activities for Moen Commercial.