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Daikin AC introduces the new eight-zone multisplit system that targets the light commercial market. The 4-ton, eight-zone system is an energy-efficient (up to 18.8 SEER and 11.3 HSPF) high-capacity heat pump system that incorporates Daikin’s VRV technology with the ability to connect from two to eight indoor units with a single, compact outdoor unit. The inverter-driven compressor provides precise capacity adjustments for efficiency and accuracy in comfort control and allows long piping lengths (up to 180’ to the branch provider, more than 440’ total loop) for added installation flexibility. To facilitate multiple zones, a branch provider unit also is available, allowing connection for up to three indoor units via standard refrigerant line sets. This facilitates indoor unit capacity control via an electronic expansion valve metering device for optimum temperature control and provides power for the indoor units connected to it.