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 Combining thoughtful design, powerful performance and user-friendly functionality, Kohler launches the Veil wall-hung dual-flush toilet. The toilet features a concealed tank and minimal footprint, saving up to 12” of bathroom space compared to Kohler’s longest floor models. As a wall-mounted toilet, the frame brackets are installed behind the wall and the bowl is set at a custom height anywhere from 15 3/8” up to 28 1/2”. Its dual-flush technology (1.6 gpf and 0.8 gpf) is actuated by a user-friendly, wall-mounted actuator plate, which can be removed for easy access to the inner tank components. The tank and the mounting bolts, as well as the water shutoff valve and electrical lines of the optional bidet seat, are completely concealed. The toilet is WaterSense-labeled and ADA-compliant.