modine body


Modine Mfg. expands its Atherion commercial packaged ventilation line with the introduction of the 7- to 15-ton B-cabinet. The expansion gives the full Atherion line eight models ranging from 7 to 30 tons. Designed to meet ASHRAE 189.1 and 62.1 standards for IEER efficiency and indoor air quality, the Atherion features optional high-efficiency gas heating and best-in-class MERV16 air filtration. Its advanced energy recovery module option makes it a high-efficiency, 100%-dedicated outside air unit, offering building owners substantial annual energy savings. With an airflow range of 1,111 to 6,000 cfm, Modine’s B-Cabinet line includes 7-, 10-, 13- and 15-ton sizes (the C-cabinet lineup includes 15-, 20-, 26- and 30-ton sizes).