The American Society of Sanitary Engineering and the American Society of Plumbing Engineers will work together to develop a joint plumbing dictionary. It will combine the current publications issued by each organization, bringing the plumbing community closer to having consistent, globally accepted terminology.

“Both ASSE and ASPE have a strong focus on providing technical expertise in helping to ensure that plumbing systems are designed, installed and maintained in a manner to ensure public health and safety,” said ASSE PresidentJim Bickford.

A joint committee has been formed comprising both ASSE and ASPE members, and the committee will soon begin its work. The finished product is expected to be released sometime in 2012. 

Ronald L. George, CPD, a long-time member of both ASSE and ASPE, is the current ASSE Plumbing Dictionary editor and ASSE Nomenclature Committee chair. He will be chairing the joint ASSE/ASPE committee.

For more information on the project or to provide input, contact ASPE Editorial DirectorGretchen Pientaatgpienta@aspe.orgor ASSE Managing EditorBen

Source: ASPE.