The Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) has merged with the Hydronics Industry Alliance (HIA).

The merger will allow end users to more readily find pertinent industry information by visiting

Plumbers, HVAC contractors, consumers, builders, remodelers, dealers and the media can find information on topics such as boilers and how to make an education decision on installation and specific delivery systems.

Not only will the information be available, but links will be provided on how to find an installer in regions across the country, how to participate in an educational session or obtain literature, how to contact manufacturers with questions, or even download a Power Point presentation with photos of actual installations.

The Radiant Professionals Alliance (formerly Radiant Panel Association) has been representing the trade for 17 years, while the Hydronics Industry Alliance has been dedicated to assisting the end user for five years. The two groups have been working together throughout the past year to form an organization to help all audiences learn more about purchasing and installing a hydronic heating system.

With the advent of green building and energy rebates, more questions are being asked and there is a growing interest in the most efficient systems available. The RPA and HIA merger will provide consumers with a comprehensive listing of high-efficiency hydronic information and resources.

Source: RPA