Despite the lethargic economic rebound, salaries in the fire protection engineer industry are holding strong. A recent survey by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers revealed the median U.S. total compensation for fire protection engineers is now $110,500, a 12.5% increase since the previous survey was conducted in 2007. The 2010 median annual salary is $102,000.

More than 650 people from 33 countries participated in the 2010 survey. The 2010 SFPE membership survey results indicate 4.2% annual compounded growth in total compensation over the last three years. According to current responses, people in the fire protection industry experienced positive growth in both base salary and total compensation since the 2007 survey.

As with previous SFPE surveys, the respondents are well-educated: 3% have doctorates, 33% have master’s degrees and 13% have taken some graduate courses, while 46% hold bachelor’s degrees. Furthermore, 65% hold a professional engineer’s license-an increase in the population of survey participants of 21% over 2007 levels. The respondents are 93% male and have a median age of 45.