Tour & Andersson is bringing its popular TA Hydronic College seminar series to consulting and facilities engineers in North America.

Tour & Andersson is bringing its popularTA Hydronic Collegeseminar series to consulting and facilities engineers in North America. The first seminar “The Three Hydronic Conditions” was presented at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium on April 6th. A second venue will soon be announced for Boston, MA, and venue search is ongoing to secure locations for at least eight additional seminars during 2010.

Designed specifically for HVAC consulting engineers, designers, commissioning engineers, facility managers and installing contractors, the seminar provides a variety of practical and theoretical examples to highlight issues faced when designing, commissioning and maintaining hydronic systems.

The first seminar addressed common hydronic system challenges such as uneven temperature control, higher energy costs, or inability to achieve comfort conditions by addressing the sources of imbalance, balancing methods, control valve authority and differential pressure control.

The TA Hydronic College has been delivering training to European HVAC audiences for more than 10 years. The seminars will be led by keynote speakerBjarne Andreasen, a member of the College teaching staff since 2000. An engineer with 25 years practical experience, Bjarne presents regularly to audiences in Scandinavia, as well as Austria, Spain, China, Singapore and the United States.

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