The International Code Council hired Shawn Martin as its new Director of Industry Relations in its Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas (PMG) group. PMG Executive Director Jay Peters says bringing Martin on board will “dramatically accelerate our progress as we focus on issues concerning sustainability.”

Martin is well known and respected within the PMG industry. Previously to joining ICC he was Technical Director for the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute and holds positions on many important industry committees related to Green codes, standards and sustainability issues. He is active in water efficiency, product certification and educating the industry, and has been quite involved in the ICC code development process.

Martin held positions on the International Plumbing Code Technical Committee and the Sustainable Building Technology Committee representing the water section and discipline. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in fluid dynamics.

In his new role, Martin’s focus will include coordination of the Code Council’s PMG efforts regarding sustainability (green) initiatives, supporting regulatory affairs at the jurisdictional level and raising awareness of PMG programs. He will work closely as a staff liaison to the ES-PMG Listing program, including promoting, identifying and collaborating with potential listees.

Source: International Code Council