Welcome topme’s first digital-only edition!

Welcome topme’s first digital-only edition. We’re taking the opportunity of our annual green construction design issue to change the delivery ofpmeto a magazine focused equally in print and electronically.

In keeping with the nature of this transition, we made this announcement last month by way of a video that we shot and posted on the home page ofpme’s Web site. If you’ve already viewed our video, you know that in it I talk about how we’re changing the delivery ofpme and why we’re doing it. If you haven’t seen it, I invite you to click onwww.pmengineer.comor the photo at right and view it.

Tthat’s one of the beauties of this digital edition. Not only is it a greener form of delivery, but it also gives you immediate access to any of the content we’ve posted onwww.pmeengineer.com. This includes a wealth of feature stories, news articles, columns and product information in our Archives section.

In addition, our digital edition gives you instant access to the Web sites of all our advertisers in any given issue. All ads in our digital editions will contain live links by which you immediately can obtain product specifications and descriptions.

And to top it off, you can even download the digital edition to your computer.

In my column inpme’s May issue (click here to read), I encouraged you to continue to innovate during the current economic downturn. We’ve decided to take our own advice by investing in technology that deliverspme’s must-read content to you more quickly, conveniently and efficiently. It also provides a new platform for you to connect with the manufacturers whose products you specify in the systems you design.

We fully recognize that some of our readers will prefer to receive the print edition. We will producepme’s print editions in August, October and December this year. We will send the print editions in those months topme subscribers who have not given us the electronic delivery option.

You’re reading this digital edition now because either we delivered a link directly to your e-mail inbox or you found it onwww.pmengineer.com. We still will post our digital editions on our Web site, as we have since October 2008, but we would like you to take advantage of the convenience of having them delivered monthly to your PC, laptop or other portable device.

If you haven’t done so already, please visitwww.pmengineer.com, click on the 'Subscribe Now' button and fill out the online subscription form to receive your digital editions. During the same visit, you can sign up to receive pme e-News, our semimonthly e-newsletter.

And, I’m not forgetting about another beauty of digital delivery: instant feedback. Let me know what you think by e-mailing me atmiodonskib@bnpmedia.com.

We look forward to making this exciting transition forpmewith you.