Issue: 10/04

Ridge Tool Co. has introduced its new RIDGID® Root Ranger 3000™ jetter nozzle for complete cleaning of blocked drains. The Root Ranger 3000 has the capacity to blast tough grease, sludge build-up, mud and tree root obstructions. The nozzle has a pointed head to push through obstructions, and a rear facing jet that blasts a concentrated stream of water at 3,000 psi to completely clear debris. The nozzle is designed for the RIDGID KJ-3000 jetter, and attaches to a 3/8" jet hose with a 1/4" NPT threaded connection, or it can be adapted fit other size hoses. It is operable in drains from 4" to 8" and has a weight of 1.4 lbs. The nozzle includes a stainless steel extension for use on 8" lines. Ridge Tool Co. Circle 19.