In October 2003, the Tectonic Solutions subsidiary of Return on Investment Corp. acquired three construction information companies: SpecSource, BlueBolt and Construction Yellow Pages. The integration of the three acquired companies with Tectonic Solutions has been completed, and the combined business will now be known as Tectonic Network.

Tectonic Network provides online and print marketing and sales tools for the construction products industry. The company helps commercial building product manufacturers and their distribution channels to increase their sales and exposure, and to improve their understanding of the needs and preferences of design professionals, specifiers, and buyers.

The Tectonic Network Includes:

  • Tectonic Construction Directory (formerly SpecSource and Construction Yellow Pages)-Print and Web-based commercial construction directories that provide manufacturers and distributors increased exposure to buyers and specifiers of building products and services.

  • Tectonic Solutions-Custom software solutions that help building product manufacturers and distributors dramatically enhance the way they organize, display, and distribute their product information, increasing accessibility to architects and contractors.

  • Tectonic Studio (formerly Blue Bolt)-Online design tools that speed the designer's ability to find, compare, and select interior building products and materials.

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