Issue: 10/04

Tyco Fire & Building Products, a business unit of Tyco Engineered Products & Services, has introduced the MCC (Mist Control Center) AquaMist Delivery System. The MCC system is a completely pre-piped and pre-wired pump skid assembly that includes the pump, controller, control valves, deluge valve, control panel, and system strainer, yet is compact enough to fit through a standard doorway. At the center of the system is Tyco's patented AquaMist® fire protection system. Designed as an alternative to gaseous, foam and heavy-density sprinkler systems, the AquaMist system uses specially designed mist application nozzles that produce reduced droplet sizes in the discharge pattern. In a fire condition, the fine mist is transformed to steam, expanding each water droplet by over 1,600 times its initial volume and displacing oxygen. The MCC system is available in two sizes: the MCC-1, which provides four to 60 gpm (gallons per minute); and the MCC-2, providing 60 to 120 gpm and sized to accommodate a maximum of 36 to 40 AquaMist nozzles. Tyco Fire & Building Products. Circle 12.