Sloan's Optima Plus EBF-85 touchless, sensor-operated faucet offers unsurpassed reliability for facilities that require high-end plumbing fixtures to match aesthetic design. Blending ADA compliance and state-of-the-art engineering, Sloan's battery-powered EBF-85's microprocessor-based circuitry automatically adjusts the faucet's sensing range to the type, depth and reflectiveness of the sink on which it is installed, ensuring functionality in any atmosphere. Touchless, sensor-operated EBF-85 faucets also lend a sense of cleanliness to restrooms, greatly reducing the risk of bacterial transfer from plumbing fixtures. By emitting a continuous beam of infrared light, the faucet's sensor activates the water flow cycle when a user's hands enter the active area. When the user is finished, the loss of reflected light ends the cycle, conserving water that might otherwise flow unattended.Sloan Valve Company.