Symmons Industries has announced several new valves and fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom. The new Showeroff automatic shower limiter valve is the answer to water waste and high energy costs. A push of a button provides full flow for approximately 45 seconds before shutting off, conserving water and heating energy. Symmetrix single- and two-handle kitchen and lavatory faucets have the latest styling and solid brass and copper construction, guaranteed to provide flawless performance under the broadest range of water conditions. Every faucet features an extra-thick, 100% corrosion-resistant ceramic control cartridge to prevent cracking. Symmons SCOT and Metering faucets deliver a controlled flow rate 82% lower than standard faucets and shut off automatically. SCOT features temperature selection and a handle limit stop. All Symmons metering faucets now use the same interchangeable cartridge. The low-profile vandal-proof spray outlet helps minimize vandalism and the in-line screen assembly helps prevent supply line debris from clogging the cartridge. Ultra-Sense sensor faucets feature advanced Position Sensitive Detection (PSD) photo-electronics technology, which eliminates performance problems found with infrared sensor faucets. The faucets can be installed in any of three different supply configurations right out of the box, with no electrical hook up or exposed battery box and valves. TempControl thermostatic water controllers require all water to completely pass the sensing coil of the thermal motor before discharge, even when water flow is far below rated capacity. This ensures the correct temperature even on low draw or demand. Thermixer thermostatic mixing valves feature a vandal-resistant lockable temperature setting. Replaceable elements can be serviced without removal from the supply lines. Each valve is designed to counterbalance large pressure disturbances and is certified to the requirements of ASSE Standard 1017.Symmons Industries.