The new Optima Electronic Soap Dispensers (ESD) with automatic sensor operation are available from Sloan Valve Company. The ESD-200 hardwire transformer model is designed for fast plug-in installations, and the ESD-250 battery-powered model allows for quick one-trade installations and retrofits. Both models encourage hygienic handwashing and are supplied with an 800-ml. soap cartridge that can be easily installed and refilled. Operation of the ESD starts when the user's hands reflect the beam into the sensor-receiver, activating the pump that allows a single pre-measured soap application to flow from the spout. Flashing red LEDs signal the need for soap cartridge replacement and flashing yellow LEDs indicate a low battery. Sloan's ESD Series is chrome-plated, with a cast-brass body, brass shank and optional special finishes. Integral spout, sensor assembly, control module, soap cartridge, mounting hardware, necessary tools and materials are included. Additional ESD models include: ESD-217 Lotion Soap with Moisturizer Refill Cartridge, ESD-2085 Battery-Powered Soap Dispenser with Faucet Combo, and ESD-2080 Hardwire Soap Dispenser with Faucet Combo.Sloan Valve Company.