Bradley Corp. is expanding its line of eyewash solutions with the new OneStep™ bottle eyewash. The patented OneStep design allows the user to simply pull the bottle from the wall-mounted station and quickly use it to rinse the affected eye area. The bottle top is suspended from the holder, and there is no turning, twisting or unscrewing required to open it. The OneStep station has a slim profile for mounting within reach of any hazard. Bottle eyewash is intended as a quick flush before users reach an ANSI-compliant eyewash station. The OneStep bottle eyewash contains Bradley's PreservaFree™ solution, a crystal clear formula that is odorless and gentle on the eyes. The eyewash is dual sterilized and the OneStep station protects against dust build up on the bottle. OneStep is available in 16- and 32-oz. sizes, both of which can be used in the adjustable bottle holder.Bradley Corp.