Symmons Industries offers a full line of commercial and residential plumbing products and plumbing specialties. Temptrol and Temptrol II shower and tub/shower systems are the standard for pressure-balancing, anti-scald shower design. The Temptrol series feature heavy-duty all-brass, bronze and stainless steel valve construction; adjustable brass-to-brass safety limit stop; and a single-piece operating spindle that can be accessed from the front. Hydapipe is a compact, stainless steel, wall-mounted shower unit that eliminates the need for piping chases, which allows the use of narrow partition walls, to cut construction costs. Visu-Temp is the first shower system to combine pressure-balancing with an integral thermometer, allowing bathers to pre-set their bath or shower temperature. Unlike push/pull valves, which can be pulled on at the maximum heat setting, the Visu-Temp turns from cold through warm and hot cycles, to a maximum turn of 360 degrees. Safetymix shower and tub/shower systems feature the company's fully pressure-balancing single handle shower valve. Built to withstand the rigors of high commercial or institutional use, all functioning valve parts are brass, bronze and stainless steel for maximum trouble-free performance.Symmons Industries.