Harry Tiege, maintenance director at Cambridge at Carillon Club House in Plainfield, IL.
Recently, Harry Teige, maintenance director at Cambridge at Carillon Club House in Plainfield, IL, looked into finding a different and better way to treat the facility's water problems.

With indoor and outdoor pools and spas for 3,800 retired residents, it was difficult for Teige to keep up with all the water maintenance problems due to calcium and other minerals in the water. Teige had been using a great deal of chemicals, such as chlorine and dry acid, and had to adjust the pH levels in his spas twice daily with his former chemical water treatment system. Teige turned to the Superior Water Conditioner® from Superior Manufacturing Division of Magnatech, a water conditioner manufacturer in Fort Wayne, IN. The conditioner helped control the scale build-up in the spa systems by using magnetic lines of force to change the formation of the rock-like scale to an easily removable residue.

Two weeks after the new conditioner was installed, Teige found that the water was much clearer, and no longer had the dirty, chlorine smell it had had in the past. Teige also noted that the air bubbles in the spa were much whiter, which to him indicated that the water was cleaner. He also found the new system to be much more practical and environmentally friendly than the chemical water treatment he had used in the past. Not only did the magnetic system improve his water, but it improved his daily routine and reduced Carillon's overall operating costs. With the new water conditioner, Teige was able to reduce the cost of chemicals by 30%, which increased Carillon's savings, and lightened his maintenance load because he was not constantly checking on the pH levels and the chemicals.

The Illinois Department of Health requires all bathing facilities to use chemical sanitizers; however, with the water conditioner, Teige was able to use less chlorine and bromine. Since this installation of the Superior Water Conditioner® for the spa, Teige has installed Superior systems on his three large A.O. Smith water heaters and the indoor swimming pool. And the rest are scheduled to receive conditioners at a later date. Several of the residents also purchased units for their homes based on the results they saw at the Carillon Club House.

Fore more information on the Superior Water Conditioner®, visit Superior Manufacturing Division online at www.superiorwaterconditioners.com.