Zurn Industries, Inc. offers the Aqua-Panel prefabricated shower units as part of its Temp-Gard product line. The Aqua-Panel consists of a vandal-proof, prefabricated 18-gauge stainless steel shroud and top cap with #4 brushed finish. The shroud encases a 1/2-inch copper tubing assembly with lead-free solder. Each Aqua-Panel unit includes a pressure-balanced valve; an institutional ball joint showerhead with lever-operated, adjustable spray; and bottom access for easy maintenance. Four models are available. The Z7500 offers a single lever handle, fully adjustable maximum temperature limit stop, removable bronze seats, and single bronze stem with an integral stainless steel balancing piston. The Z7530 features a push-button metering valve to limit shower duration, for use with a tempered water system. The Z7533 has a single handle, pressure balancing mixing valve and a push-button metering valve. The Z7550 offers a volume control on/off valve for use with a tempered water system.Zurn Industries, Inc.