The Water Quality Association (WQA) reported that it has determined that Protect Plus has shipped its DuPont WFPT100 Water Pitcher to a limited number of retail stores for a short period of time carrying an inaccurate product claim label. Protect Plus' DuPont WFPT100 Water Pitcher carried WQA's Gold Seal Product Certification Mark on its packaging containing one claim (Lead pH 8.5) which has not yet been certified, although the Lead pH 6.5 performance claim has passed the testing criteria for such certification at a reduced capacity rating.

All claims, except the Lead pH 8.5 claim, appearing on the packaging for Protect Plus' DuPont WF-PT100 Water Pitcher have been verified to the 40-gallon capacity rating. Test results demonstrate that the pitcher removes Lead pH 8.5 effectively to 30 gallons and can be so verified to that limit. The effectiveness of the Lead pH 8.5 claim listed on the product's packaging cannot be verified to the 40-gallon capacity until additional testing is completed. The pitcher has been verified to remove Mercury at pH 8.5 and pH 6.5 effectively through 40 gallons.

All retail stores have removed Protect Plus' DuPont WF-PT100 Water Pitcher from its shelves as a saleable item until all the packaging claims can be reverified and the product recertified. Protect Plus is working with WQA on the verification process to support the 40-gallon capacity claim.

Questions or additional information can be found through the Water Quality Association Product Certification Department, (630) 505-0160, or Protect Plus LLC at (828) 449-1040.