Issue: 8/02

Peerless Heater Co. has introduced the Peerless Pinnacle gas-fired boiler, featuring a state-of-the-art control board that modulates the boiler's firing rate to match the actual heating needs of the building. The control board and the Honeywell Gas Valve-Venturi System work together to provide an accurate burner output. This direct-vent boiler operates at 92% AFUE and is offered in six models-three sizes for natural gas and three for LP gas. High-grade stainless steel construction of both the heat exchanger and burner assures the boiler's durability, and its compact, lightweight design allows for maximum installation flexibility. Standard equipment on the new Pinnacle boiler includes spark ignition, a temperature-pressure gauge (not installed), vent terminations and a 30 psi ASME safety relief valve. A flame sensor, air pressure switch and water pressure switch are also included as standard equipment. Peerless Heater Co.