Bradford White Corp. has introduced the KwickShot line of instantaneous electric water heaters. These new water heaters provide continuous hot water on demand and directly at the point-of-use without the use of storage tanks. KwickShot water heaters are particularly useful wherever hot water availability and storage space is limited. They are ideal for industrial, commercial and institutional applications, including on-site mobile units, workshops, concession stands, stadiums, shopping malls, office buildings, schools, hospitals and nursing homes. KwickShot water heaters are compact, lightweight, easy to install and are available in five models with a variety of kilowatt inputs and wattage configurations for small residential or large commercial applications. Standard features include a built-in integral flow restrictor to ensure proper temperature rise, Ni Chrome elements for optimum heat transfer and extended element life and a field serviceable/replaceable cartridge element with a one-year warranty. www.bradfordwhite.comBradford White Corp.