In identically worded news releases, the International Code Council and the National Fire Protection Association announced settlement of a trademark infringement lawsuit that had been filed by ICC against NFPA. In May 1999, the lawsuit alleged trademark infringement and other claims arising out of NFPA's use of the book title "International Electrical Code." In response, NFPA brought counterclaims against ICC and its constituent organizations--BOCA, ICBO and SBCCI--alleging that ICC's use of the same book title infringed upon NFPA's trademark in the name.

Subject to the terms of the settlement agreement, NFPA recognizes that ICC is the exclusive owner of a family of trademarks in the form of "International _________ Code." In turn, the ICC and its constituent organizations recognize that NFPA is the exclusive worldwide owner of the trademark "International Electrical Code." The agreement involves no monetary settlement or admission of liability by either party. Other details of the settlement were not disclosed.