While you're making your New Year's resolutions, several organizations are making their New Year's code changes. Several new editions of International Codes, BOCA National Codes and an Accessible Buildings Standard are among the code updates for the 1999. BOCA International has published updates of two of its most popular codes, the BOCA National Building Code and the BOCA National Fire Prevention Code, both of which are designed to be compatible with the International Codes.

The building code establishes minimum requirements for materials and methods for new construction. The new edition continues to stress that all construction matters-from initial stages to repairs-should be covered by the building code.

The fire prevention code provides criteria for the maintenance of all buildings and structures for fire safey, including new technology.

BOCA also released a commentary on the 1996 BOCA National Fire Prevention Code, which is an easy-to-use reference, explaining when and how to apply requirements of the code.

The 1999 editions will be the last BOCA National Codes. As a co-founder of the International Code Council, BOCA is phasing out its codes in support of the International Codes, which combine the best elements of the BOCA National, Uniform and Standard Codes and eliminate regional differences. The newest International Code Council's series of comprehensive and coordinated codes is the International One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code/1998. Three new International Codes are being developed, which are expected to be available for adoption and use in 2000.

The updated BOCA National Codes can be ordered from BOCA International by calling 800-214-4321, ext. 371.